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The Engineer column


I write a science fiction column for the UK’s Engineer magazine, which has been reporting on engineering innovation since 1856.

The column, “SciFi Eye”, is part of a new look for the mag, and sees me speculate on how recent engineering news might inspire the science fiction imagination.

Highlights include:

All dressed up with nowhere to go: the dystopian world of ‘smart’ dressings

The new Beetlemania.

The future is in our grasp: how robotic limbs are propelling us into the future

Picturing a future of human invisibility: 

Making the most of the microbes: some unlikely heroes and villains in the form of bacteria.

Is resistance futile? Taming the nanotech swarm.

Something new under the sun: This month, the dark future of solar power

Driverless dream or autonomous nightmare? The future pros and cons of driverless cars

The Shape of things to come: Mr HG Wells, author of popular scientific romance The Time Machine, turns the pages of The Engineer for clues as to the shape of our future