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The Fear Universe:

The Shell: The Singularity Magazine (August 2016)

The Envoy: Jupiter Science Fiction, Thelxinoe Edition (October 2013)

Moon Drome: Interzone 243 (December 2012)

The Triangular Trade: Jupiter Science Fiction, Euanthe Edition (July 2011)

Other science Fiction:

The Manitor: Kaleidotrope (Autumn 2017)

Les Gourmands: The Singularity Magazine (July 2016)

Lips and Teeth: Best British Fantasy 2013

Gone Antiquing: Jupiter Science Fiction Pasithee Edition (October 2012)

Lips and Teeth: Interzone 239 (March 2012)

The Walrus and the Icebreaker: Interzone 235 (July 2011)

Capture Station Robinson: Absent Willow Review (July 2010)

Other stories:

Thief: Write Place, Write Time (October 2012)

London in The Snow: Flashquake Vol 10, Issue 4 (June 2011)

Rex: The Fiction Desk, Various Authors (June 2011)

The Cat and The Gun: 4 Cornered Universe (July 2010)

Hoffman is Missing: Even More Tonto Short Stories (June 2009)

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