by George Charles Beresford, black and white glossy print, 1920

Writing as Wells

Today is the 150th anniversary of HG Wells’ birth, and to celebrate I’m running heaps of Wells related stuff and goodness for your reading pleasure. First up I’m writing as the man himself as part of a special, one off edition of my science fiction column for The Engineer magazine. My brief from editor, Stu, was to write…


Summer events update

I’ll be interviewing, Nineworldsing and Gollanczfesting over August/ September On 9th August I’ll have the privilege of interviewing Ed Cox and James Barclay about their new books, Watcher of Dead Time and Heart of Granite respectively – this will be at Blackwells Bookstore, Holborn, London. On 11th August I’ll be at the cricket. Not so much SciFi…


Alien 3

Alien 3, the most underrated of underrated SciFi movies, is probably where the Alien franchise should have drawn to a close. Script problems, David Fincher’s disavowal of the final product, and poor box office combined to taint it so badly that talented upstarts like Neil Blomkamp feel perfectly justified in bypassing it all together, winning…


Rig launch

A quick note to say thanks so much to team Gollancz and Holborn Blackwell’s for organising a fantastic launch evening for Rig, book 3 in the Kenstibec Science Fiction series. Featuring Rig cupcakes, booze, and a damn good chat among readers, bloggers, family and friends it was a smashing way to mark the last Kenstibec book….


Signing Event and other business

Pleased as punch, delighted and excited to post that we’ll be having ourselves a book signing/ launch shindig at Blackwell’s Holborn, London on the 30th from 6.30PM for RIG, part 3 in the Kenstibec series. There’ll be copies of the beautiful final book and a drink or two. It is a wonderful thing indeed to have had…


It’s publication day!

Rig, part 3 in the Kenstibec series, if officially out in ebook and trade paperback today from Gollancz. to celebrate there’s been all sorts afoot, including this beautiful GIF, worked up by a friend at work. I’ve also been blogging over at about Trump, Superyachts and Science Fiction, plus answering a few questions on the Gollancz blog…


Steeple: 4 stars and heaps of blogs

Steeple received a 4 stars review from The Sun in April, I’m thrilled to say. The review said: “The action is tense, the violence gruesome but compelling and the science fiction engaging. In other words, it’s every bit as good as its predecessor.” Boom! Meanwhile in March I put together a whole heap of articles for…

Cobra Skyscraper

Five daft skyscrapers

What to make of skyscrapers, these days? The new century’s explosion of super-talls and mega-talls might, at first glance, offer to satisfy the scifi fan’s impatient need for humanity to break free of the twentieth century. Future towers conjure dreams of a bold, enlightened age, when discovery in materials, robotics and energy creates not only a new architecture, but a new landscape. The imagination leaps…

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New story in final Jupiter Science Fiction

After a rather long break from short stories comes Trailer Trash – a scifi tale of shipwreck, survival, and escape published in the very wonderful Jupiter Science Fiction magazine, edited by Ian Redman. Ian published several of my absolute favourite scifi stories over the past few years (Gone Antiquing and The Triangular Trade being particular favourites)…


Rig cover reveal

Delighted to reveal the cover for the final part in the Kenstibec trilogy, Rig, which comes out 16 June, following on from Barricade and Steeple. It completes a gorgeous design theme from the good people at Black Sheep and I’m pleased as punch to see it completed. Here it is in all it glory… Keep…