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Fatty in colour! (Thanks to the Beano)

I’ve posted sketches of Fatty before, but at the beginning of the month I had the unique opportunity to draw him on a large scale – and in colour – having joined fellow Gollanczist, Mark Stay, and the very beautiful Kit Cox at the MCM Comic Con to sign books. We were set up at a long table where we consumed sarnies, chatted to the geek folk, marvelled at the cosplay, and flogged our books.

Anyway, one of the delightful things about the weekend was that I found myself sat next to a couple of artists from my old favourite, the Beano, who were producing colour drawings of Dennis, Gnasher, Bash Street Kids and other favourites for the ComicCon public. One of the artists was good enough to lend me her coloured pens, and between selling books I wiled away a few hours drawing cartoons of  Fatty, who for some reason I can never stop scribbling, complete with Steadman-esque eye bubbles and obscene plates of flab.

Thanks to my Beano brethren for their generosity and to all those who popped by and purchased a book by the way – I’ve heard good things from a few of you since which is always ACE.