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Four Stars for Rig!

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Most Excellent Four Star Review for “Rig” (final book in the Kenstibec trilogy) from the Sun newspaper this week:

“This series has a wry sense of humour but it’s only when you flip the final page you realise you’ve read a wake-up call to a species unknowingly orchestrating its own destruction.

Disturbing, illuminating, and highly entertaining.”

This is the kind of stuff we trilogists like to see -readers following through to the final installment and leaving happy. Kenstibec himself might even break out the suggestion of a smile.

I found out about the review through Twitter so couldn’t find a copy of the paper sadly. If only we were sensible and still wrapped our fish and chips in them I might find some glorious grease stained version for the archive. In the meantime reviewer John was good enough to send me this JPEG of it. Another framer for Kenstibec!



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