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Mad Max, Interviews, reviews, Travelodges and Cons

Just time to post a quick update after a pleasantly busy October.

First, I don’t think I posted a link to my Gollancz Blog review of “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Read it here. Read my other movie reviews on thingaboutchickens here.

Second, I was privileged in October to speak to Boo from Geek Syndicate – all about Barricade, Kenstibec and my writing in general. Read the interview in full here.

Third, there have been nice notices coming in for Steeple! Read them here, here, here, herehere, here and here.

During October I polished off edits to Book 3 in the Kenstibec Series, attended Gollancz Fest 2015 (another storming event), arrived late to Ed Cox’s 2nd book launch, and traveled to FantasyCon in Nottingham.

Fantasycon was an interesting one. I discovered on arrival that I had managed to book a room in a rather bleak Travelodge on the other side of town from the convention centre. That kind of numbskullery is very much my style when it comes to con arrangements.

This meant I ended up driving everywhere, and occasionally providing lifts  – which would have been fine, if Nottingham hadn’t placed a curse on my satnav. When I tried to find my Travelodge, the device took me on a tour of a huge, desolate Industrial estate. When I offered Richard, Con organiser, a lift into town, we nearly ended up on the M1. And when I attempted to give Tom Toner a lift to his hotel, we rolled in loops around the dark, handsome streets of an isolated neighborhood, unable to escape, like some genteel Dark City.

I’ll wrap up by saying I will post an exciting announcement soon – a sweet new gig I can’t wait to get my teeth into.

UPDATE: just found out that my Fantasycon panel with Joe Hill et all is online in two parts! They’re here and here.