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Rig launch

A quick note to say thanks so much to team Gollancz and Holborn Blackwell’s for organising a fantastic launch evening for Rig, book 3 in the Kenstibec Science Fiction series. Featuring Rig cupcakes, booze, and a damn good chat among readers, bloggers, family and friends it was a smashing way to mark the last Kenstibec book. Stay tuned for details of my new book.

In the meantime if you haven’t yet read Barricade, book 1 in the series (“A scintillating debut” according to the Financial Times) it’s only £4.50 on Kindle at the moment: the same as those two slightly disappointing cups of Starbucks coffee you had last week. Go on, give it a try!

Rig cupcakes
Blackwells Holborn – pop in if you don’t know it, great store
The Kenstibecs


  1. Anita Anita

    Fantastic book. Couldn’t put it down. I’m still thinking about the underlying concepts…..

    I am so disappointed that I read Rig without knowing it was a trilogy as there is no indication on the cover that it was the last in the series :(.

    Looking forward to more books Mr Wallace!
    cheers, from Australia!

    • Jon Wallace Jon Wallace

      Hey Anita thanks so much for your comment really pleased you enjoyed Rig, you’re absolutely right about the lack of an indication it’s the third part of a trilogy, it’s bloody silly really. New books coming soon, watch this space!

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