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New story in final Jupiter Science Fiction

After a rather long break from short stories comes Trailer Trash – a scifi tale of shipwreck, survival, and escape published in the very wonderful Jupiter Science Fiction magazine, edited by Ian Redman. Ian published several of my absolute favourite scifi stories over the past few years (Gone Antiquing and The Triangular Trade being particular favourites) and this, I am sad to say, will be the last time – Jupiter will not publish beyond this 50th edition (although Ian leaves open the possibility of it returning later).

Probably the best way to make that happen is to order some back copies – at under £3 they cost about the same as that highly disappointing cup of Starbucks coffee, and are packed with good writing. If you want to support burgeoning scifi writers and keep independent magazines flourishing, then order yourself a few back copies and perhaps invite some friends to as well.

I shall miss Jupiter a great deal, but I’m very proud to feature in this final edition. Stay tuned for more short story news during the year.