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Barricade German Cover Reveal

I have received a very special Christmas present: thrilled to bits to see the German cover for Barricade (Barrikaden) out there on Amazon: “Ein hollentrip durch die welt der zukunft”. Exactly how cool is that?

It was a wonderful thing indeed when my editor, Simon, sent this through to me. My wife and I have a long relationship with Germany: we took our first holiday as a couple in Cologne, I proposed in Berlin and this year we had a wonderful time driving about Munich, Bavaria and Austria. My wife is also pretty darn good at the old Deutsch sprechen, and I tend to trail behind her on these holidays like a mute bumpkin assistant.

It is a wonderful thing indeed to know that someone took the trouble to translate your work. We’ll have to go Deutschland again soon and see if we can find it on a bookstore shelf – German bookshops have great scifi sections, and it would blow my mind to walk up to the counter and ask: “haben sie der buche Barrikaden?”