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Snake Pliskin and matches

Escape from LA: 5 easy upgrades

Yes, there is a lot of silly fun on display in the 96 Snake-fest, Al Leong is still merrily energising the background, and it features a late Carpenter soundtrack with at least one or two nice moments – but there’s an equally powerful sense of wasted opportunity here. Great actors are sidelined while a charisma-lite…

John Carpenter’s Vampires: 5 easy upgrades

John Carpenter’s Vampires is a mess, but like other films in his later work, there’s a frustrating sense that things could have been better, with just a little rejigging. Not great, but a considerable improvement. A few zero-cost measures might have left a pleasant B-Movie flavour, as opposed to the aftertaste of failure. There are…

They Live (1988)

Google John Carpenter’s They Live and worrying indications of a remake surface. You can understand why someone might think about it. The ’10s’ (or whatever) have passed much like a replayed 1980s – a time of rampant, exploitative capitalism; of oblivious, ostentatious greed; of ‘masters of the universe’ lording it over a docile, hypnotised mass….