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The new London cab is bringing the old future

There are things we might distrust about the new London taxi from the London Electric Vehicle Company.  Its chief design inspiration is the past, a source which generally hasn’t worked out well for British car makes. Pompous little nostalgia wagons like the Rover 75 encapsulated an industry unable to adapt, and probably contributed to its…


London’s Range Rovers: Have we all gone quite mad?

To celebrate the launch of “Rig”, part three in the Kenstibec books, I’ve been blogging over at Civilian Reader about the curious and enduring phenomenon of big black Range Rovers in London, and the part 4x4s play in the Kenstibec books. Check it out here.  

The curious carving and painting of London

My new novel, Steeple, sees Antihero Kenstibec tour the flooded, dying remains of a future London, seeking design inspiration for the colossal new tower he has been commissioned to build – the Hope Tower, a monstrous construct being erected to replace the old city. While writing the book, I began to take pictures on my strolls about London, and think…