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Jon Wallace is the author of Barricade, Steeple and Rig (The Kenstibec Trilogy, published by Gollancz). He is also the Science Fiction columnist for The Engineer Magazine.

Barricade was called a “scintillating debut” by the Financial Times, “A Bonafide Barnstormer” by Tor.com and “Gleefully Macabre” by The Sun.

He has been a barman, postman, till jockey, actor, help-liner, pollster and charity comms bloke. His hobbies include walking pooches and listening to his wife sing her way around the flat. 

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3 Responses to About

  1. Andrew Cox says:

    Great webpages. I like the article in the current Engineer.

    If you ever have time to spare please check out my new SF e-novel: “Another World, A Different Life” – which you can find on Amazon.com
    I would appreciate your feedback.

    Andrew Cox

  2. dan bloom says:

    Thanks for shout out to cli-fi at http://www.cli-fi.net in 2018 January Engineer column. Dan Bloom, editor, the clifi report.

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