Rig launch

A quick note to say thanks so much to team Gollancz and Holborn Blackwell’s for organising a fantastic launch evening for Rig, book 3 in the Kenstibec Science Fiction series. Featuring Rig cupcakes, booze, and a damn good chat among readers, bloggers, family and friends it was a smashing way to mark the last Kenstibec book. Stay tuned for details of my new book.

In the meantime if you haven’t yet read Barricade, book 1 in the series (“A scintillating debut” according to the Financial Times) it’s only £4.50 on Kindle at the moment: the same as those two slightly disappointing cups of Starbucks coffee you had last week. Go on, give it a try!


Rig cupcakes


Blackwells Holborn – pop in if you don’t know it, great store


The Kenstibecs